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Keepads, what is it?

Keepads is a website dedicated to exchanging among people who are passionate for the domain of beauty, fashion and lifestyle.
Thus find in real time, on Keepads, a community which:

  • Helps each other, also sharing its experiences with you.
  • Chat and ask all your questions live, to get answers you need.

Do you need a quick and personalized answer ...

You do not know which cream to apply to your body?
Which foundation to apply to your face?
Which efficient shampoo for your hair?

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  • Disgusted with tiring and annoying search ( Website, tutorial, articles , ads messages…)
  • Lost in front of a lot of beauty products and brands.
  • Choosing a cosmetic product satisfying your desires, and your needs has never been easy!!
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Hopefully Keepads is here .. It saves all its galley just for you.
It is an excellent means enabling you, to get a live answer meeting your needs. Much more than a means, Keepads integrating the human contact.

... Your Keepads community assists you.

Keepads puts at your disposal a community that talks, exchange and goes with you through the process.
You report your questions to members live, and get their answers instantly. No need to wait!

Rejoin the Keepaders in real time, and at the time fitting you, by visiting the open chat rooms.

Discover also the chat rooms of the most experienced. They exchange within their passion and you benefit from their advices, their tricks and expertise.

Do You Have Any Questions For Us

Contact us in real time through the Chat "Online support".